Here’s the info you need to find us online and the best ways to interact with us on social media to promote your upcoming performance/event.

Contact Info/Social Media Links

Amici Restaurant
304 Rt 25A
Mt Sinai, NY 11766

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We ask that anytime Amici is referenced it’s done as “Amici” or “Amici Restaurant” and not as “Amici’s”.  There is no apostrophe “s” at the end. Our logos are available for download further down this page. Amici means friends in Italian.  It’s already plural.

Facebook Events/Instagram:
We post all of the live music/special events on our Facebook Events page. We direct our customers there from our website to see what we have planned.

We love when performers/special events create their own promotional images.  And if you’re going to post the event on your page, feel free to invite us as co-hosts so it appears on ours too. Or we’d be happy to add you as co-host to the event post we’ll make.

It’s also really helpful if you send us the promotional image and text that you’d like us to use. No one knows what you do better than you. A blurb and an image really helps fill in the information our customers are looking for. We’d appreciate this as soon as you’re booked and not last minute.

Similarly with Instagram, we’ll post an image of your upcoming performance/event, and we’d like to tag you in it.  Please provide your Instagram account name as well so we can tag you.  And please tag us (amici_mtsinai) in anything you post about the event.  It helps us both promote things even better.

The blurb, pictures & Instagram info can be sent directly to

Thanks so much!

Logos – save and use the one that works best for your project:

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Solid color backgrounds:
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